I am passionate about developing great ideas into working, practical concepts. I love growing, and helping to shape and adapt organizations, as well as working with leaders to hone in their skills. I use positivist frameworks, as well as those rooted in feminism, social equity, and racial justice to approach difficult, complex community problems in a way that empowers people to engage with the issue, and to challenge common blind-spots. I have worked in private business for over 10 years, having managed a staff of up to 35 people at one time. I have volunteered for numerous non-profits, in various roles, including volunteer coordinator, and have served on multiple city boards and committees. Community is where policy hits the pavement, and that is where I am interested in making a a positive contribution to the areas in which I live, work, and inhabit, through working in tandem with government, non-profits, and other public service sector agencies to maximize positive impact.

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