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Confluence Consulting Northwest is pleased to announce our partnership with Staceye Randle of Liminal Consulting, Dallas, TX. Faith & Staceye have developed a 6 session, 12 hour training in Appreciative Inquiry for Justice and Belonging work in Organizations.

We live in extraordinary times. For the last year, our lives have been disrupted in ways that have challenged us, but that have also given us space to grow through the new cracks, towards the light. Over and over, we have heard many in our community speak to the ways in which they feel called, through their practice of Appreciative Inquiry, to lean into these new possibilities. Particularly, our community is being called to apply the principles of our practice to the liberation of organizational systems from racial oppression, and to be an active part of ameliorating trauma for Black and brown bodies.

Lucky for us, AI is already particularly well suited for this work. Our tool is facile, able to fit into any space we can imagine, because it calls on us to imagine something better. AI calls on us to dream of a future in which Justice is a given, and it asks us to lead with our words and our intention and our commitment to pull that future ever closer to today.

“Every human being has a need to:

1) have a voice and be heard,

2) be seen as essential to the group, and

3) be seen as unique and exceptional.

david cooperrider

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