Human design for Human work…

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Welcome to Confluence Consulting Northwest, a small woman-owned consultancy specializing in human centered solutions for organizations in the public sector.

Here is what we know: there is no reason that your working life shouldn’t be joyful, and no reason that your nonprofit organization can’t be ready to dig in and really help elevate your community. Especially in the public sector, people commit to this work to fulfill a mission, to serve their communities and move towards a more just and equitable world. That mission, that passion, are strengths for which there is no substitute. High turn over, burn out, and workplace tension are NOT ‘just the way things are’! Your organization already has strengths, let us help you turn them up to 11, and banish those old myths of ‘struggle love’ to the rubbish bin.

Integrity. Inclusion. Innovation.

Strengths based processes, like Appreciative Inquiry and Intentional Change Theory, can immediately start to relieve critical pain points. We’ve seen it happen again and again. HOW we do our work matters just as much as the work we do. Many times, it just requires new eyes and seeing our situation from a slightly fresh perspective to allow new solutions to emerge. Let’s move all of your teams into the flow, where work and relationships are inspiring.

Nonprofits live too often in a scarcity mindset – but the truth is that the passion and dedication of your people, the strength of your vision, and the love you have that shines through in your work are the richest of gifts. We believe that any nonprofit can find the funding they need… especially if they’re already living in a space of organizational abundance.

To find joy, we help you ‘unkink the think’ at the deepest levels, bringing relief from stuck systems.

Your people are already experts. We never come into a room knowing more than you do about your organization. We are skillful learners, innovative thinkers, and excellent listeners. Through the process of inquiry, we unearth the cultural and process fundamentals that define the way work is done.

We believe in this work. It is our calling. Can you imagine a world in which no one hates their job? Where going to work is a fulfilling and aspirational part of every day? Where organizations and communities work in harmony, building resilience with every action? Where success is measured in happiness and not just numbers?

We can.

Are you ready to start getting there? Contact us for a free consultation. Let’s start dreaming big.