Clients & Testimonials

Partners in Prevention Eduction (PiPE)

Confluence is working with PiPE to engage the whole organization in the development of a 5 year Strategic Plan. Confluence is also helping to develop metrics for tracking PiPE’s client engagement.

NW Ecobuilding Guild

Confluence worked with this amazing organization to help brainstorm organizational tools around fundraising, development, and staffing.

Thurston County Public Health and Social Service

Faith was contracted by Thurston County to manage the 2020 Point in Time Census of homeless persons. Each year, this federally mandated count attempts to ascertain who is homeless and why. Faith designed and built new training materials, engagement processes and frameworks for the 2020 effort, bringing the Count the earliest and most accurate count to date.

Olympia Community Solar

Confluence is working to help this new nonprofit develop a logo, website, branding and organizational structure. We are deeply committed to working towards a clean energy future, and are honored to be a part of this effort!!

Backbone Campaign

Confluence is working with Backbone Campaign to help build organizational alignment around a strategic plan. Moving towards the future is what Backbone has always been about, and we are excited to help them vision all the possibilities.

Confluence Consulting Northwest

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