What We Do


  • Employee Engagement – Getting authentic in your organization, bringing more than bodies to the office.
  • Surveys & Analysis – What’s happening? What is affected? Where are we excelling? What’s it all mean?
  • Process Improvement – Finding bottlenecks and bottom outs that bring frustration, redesigning for joy.
  • Place-making & Workplace Design – Do our spaces reflect our values? Are they comfortable?
  • Policy/Implementation Alignment – Building policy practice that brings our goals to life.
  • Equity & Inclusion – Bringing everyone to the table, giving them the mic and letting them lead.
  • Metrics Development – How can we tell if it’s working? Metrics that matter, measuring that enlightens.
  • Hiring & Retention – Talent, not fit. Whole people, not roles. Finding passionate team members who stay.


  • Short-term Project Development – We’ll get you to the starting blocks and set up to win.
  • Volunteer Recruitment – For capital and service engagements, get the community behind you…
  • Volunteer Management – And keep them happy while they do it!
  • Event Planning – We seriously know how to set up a party. Just saying.
  • Graphic Design & Materials – Make it pretty, tell the story, get your organization known.


  • Focus groups – Finding out what matters to teams, clients, or communities.
  • Appreciative Inquiry – The holy grail of participatory process to bring organizational alignment.
  • Facilitation Technique Training – No more useless meetings! Learn to have meetings that work.
  • Process Engagement – Bosses have processes too. Unpack and rebuild the way you work.
  • Community Outreach – Communication plans, engaging practices, and connection that includes.
  • Leadership Training – Stop managing, start leading. Learn to stay sane and steward your org’s health.

See anything you might need? Want to start the conversation that changes your work forever? Contact us for a free consultation!

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