What We Do


  • Employee Engagement – Getting authentic in your organization, bringing more than bodies to the office.
  • Surveys & Analysis – What’s happening? What is affected? Where are we excelling? What’s it all mean?
  • Process Improvement – Finding bottlenecks and bottom outs that bring frustration, redesigning for joy.
  • Place-making & Workplace Design – Do our spaces reflect our values? Are they comfortable?
  • Policy/Implementation Alignment – Building policy practice that brings our goals to life.
  • Equity & Inclusion – Bringing everyone to the table, giving them the mic and letting them lead.
  • Metrics Development – How can we tell if it’s working? Metrics that matter, measuring that enlightens.
  • Hiring & Retention – Talent, not fit. Whole people, not roles. Finding passionate team members who stay.


  • Short-term Project Development – We’ll get you to the starting blocks and set up to win.
  • Volunteer Recruitment – For capital and service engagements, get the community behind you…
  • Volunteer Management – And keep them happy while they do it!
  • Event & Fundraising Planning – We seriously know how to set up a party. Just saying. Even in zoom.
  • Graphic Design & Materials – Make it pretty, tell the story, get your organization known.


  • Focus groups – Finding out what matters to teams, clients, or communities.
  • Retreats & Strategic Planning – We hold space for your teams to bring their best versions of the future.
  • Appreciative Inquiry – The holy grail of participatory process to bring organizational alignment.
  • Facilitation Technique Training – No more useless meetings! Learn to have meetings that work.
  • Process Engagement – Bosses have processes too. Unpack and rebuild the way you work.
  • Community Outreach – Communication plans, engaging practices, and connection that includes.
  • Leadership Training – Stop managing, start leading. Learn to stay sane and steward your org’s health.
  • Development Coaching – Learn how to get the money & infrastructure you need, one step at a time.

See anything you might need? Want to start the conversation that changes your work forever? Contact us for a free consultation!

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